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We offer Montessori services for children and parents to build bright futures

School Interview Prep 101

The School Interview Prep 101 package offers a tailored journey to interview confidence, blending age-appropriate techniques and expert feedback for children aspiring to join UK selective schools.

For children

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Reception Ready – Preparation for School

Reception Ready prepares your child for school by enhancing literacy, numeracy, and socio-emotional skills through personalised, home-based Montessori activities, ensuring a smooth transition to reception class.

For children

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Prepared Home Environment

The Prepared Home Environment service is intended to achieve a balance between developing child independence and maintaining a sophisticated adult environment in the home.

For parents

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Nanny Navigator

The Nanny Navigator service will bring together the worlds of parenting and nanny care in a way that is harmonious and supportive of children's development.

For parents

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Montessori Mastery – Parenting Sessions

Montessori Mastery - 121 Parent Sessions is a bespoke educational service for parents, guardians, and carers. It embraces the Montessori philosophy across three critical developmental stages

For parents

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Montessori English & Maths Boost

The Montessori Math & English Boost empowers children aged 3 to 8 with foundational math and literacy skills through personalised Montessori tutoring sessions, fostering independence, confidence, and a love for learning.

For children

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Immediate Parenting Service (SOS)

The Immediate Parenting Support (SOS) package is an indispensable lifeline tailored for parents confronting the diverse challenges of modern-day parenting.

For parents

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Homeschool Harmony

The Homeschool Harmony service is your essential guide to overcoming the hurdles of homeschooling, ensuring a more engaging and effective education for your child.

For parents

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About us

Meet the London Montessorian

Welcome to The London Montessorian, where partnership with parents is at the heart of our educational philosophy. Here, we pride ourselves on creating a collaborative journey that supports not only the child’s development but also nurtures the family as a whole. The London Montessorian blends a deep understanding of the Montessori method with a personal touch, ensuring that every family's experience is engaging, enriching, and tailored to the unique path of their child's learning adventure. Join us in shaping a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

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Parents feedback

What parents say about the London Montessorian

C C ~ Ascot

"I am a dad of 2 girls, one of which is 11 and the other is 2. Cala has been there for me with both children. When I had my eldest, Cala taught me so much, such as how to teach, how to interact, and how to understand a child development. Cala is an amazing teacher both for children and parents. It helped me so much when I had my youngest, as I was able to implement everything that Cala had taught me previously, which has definitely made my life much easier. I would highly recommend Cala to anyone that looking for assistance with their toddler/s”

T T ~ South London

"Fantastic experience! We hired Cala for my daughter who required interview preparation. As she has a number of them coming up in the near future, we felt it best she had someone professionally trained help her. My daughter started out quite shy and struggled to articulate herself when she didn't understand but by week three she had gained a lot of confidence. Happily voiced when didn't understand something and is now happy to pass any tips she is learning on to her brother. We found Cala to be professional, friendly, supportive and a pleasure to coach our child. Every week after her session with my daughter, I was given feedback and information on how I could also help during sessions. As a result we have a child who will now walk into any interview space as confident as when she walks into her home. We cannot thank and recommend Cala enough.”

S F ~ Middlesex

"My motherhood journey has been such an ease because of Cala. My toddler's development has been an absolute joy. I cannot thank Cala enough. Cala’s professional, informative, practical, and a true God send!! Thank you so much😁”

S R ~ Surrey

“Cala has helped me with selecting toys that are good for my little boys development. I had never heard of Montessori learning until I had spoken to Cala and now I’ve decided to send my little one to a nursery based on this method of learning.”

M S ~ Kent

"During my sons settling in process and me working at the same settling, you gave me the support as well as my colleagues to best support my son and I. We learnt to have clear boundaries and worked well within the team. You were patient, kind and caring. You still are. We love you very much and so happy to have you as part of our life.”

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The London Montessorian has been working within the Montessori field for 10+ years. She gained a diploma in Montessori Pedagogy, a BSc in Psychology, and an MA in Education and Professional Studies, which focussed on the teaching styles and impact of the Montessori and mainstream teacher.


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