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The Modern Way to Learn!

15+ years experience

The London Montessorian has been working within the Montessori field for 15+ years. She gained a diploma in Montessori Pedagogy, a BSc in Psychology, and an MA in Education and Professional Studies, which focused on the teaching styles and impact of the Montessori and mainstream teacher. Her studies and working alongside children has given her extensive knowledge of child development, and she has concluded that a holistic approach...

Introducing the London Montessorian


Cala, also known as The London Montessorian, stands at the forefront of Montessori education with a storied career that spans over a decade. She is more than just an educator; she is a beacon of expertise in the nuanced field of child development and Montessori methodology. With a BSc in Psychology and a Masters in Education, Cala underscores the pivotal nature of the early years, from the dawn of infancy through the foundational first six years, as key to shaping the framework of who we become.

At the heart of The London Montessorian's ethos is a commitment to the holistic development of children. Cala weaves her comprehensive knowledge of the Montessori principles with an innate sensitivity towards the emotional and cognitive needs of children. This dual focus ensures a nurturing and supportive environment, encouraging growth and positive self-perception among her students.

Cala's proficiency extends into understanding the developmental milestones of children between the ages of six and twelve. Her completion of the AMI Montessori 6-12 Assistant Guide course stands as a testament to her dedication to lifelong learning and adapting to the evolving needs of children as they grow.

In 2012, The London Montessorian's expertise was showcased on an international platform, featuring in a guidebook that merges Montessori practices with the statutory framework for early education. This important work serves as a bridge between traditional educational structures and the Montessori approach, reinforcing Cala's role as a thought leader in the community.

Now, Cala's journey has evolved as she embraces the role of a Montessori home school teacher and parent liaison, working with children from 5 to 11 years old. The London Montessorian's impact is profound, bridging the gap between home-based education and the traditional classroom setting. Her work personalises the learning experience, bringing the Montessori environment into homes and creating a seamless educational experience that involves and supports the whole family.

Whether guiding children in their first formal learning experiences or offering sage advice to parents seeking a Montessori-aligned upbringing, Cala's approach is both knowledgeable and warmly professional. The London Montessorian is not just a service but a partnership with families, ensuring that every step in the educational journey is taken with confidence, support, and a shared vision for the child's success.

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